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The castle of Anghiari, remembered for the first time in a document of 1048, was first subjected to the Longobard consortium of the counts of Galbino and Montedoglio and in 1104 the place was donated by Bernardino di Sidonia, lord of Anghiari, to the Camaldolesi to found an abbey: the monastery of San Bartolomeo Apostolo. Around it, later, the inhabited center developed.

On June 29, 1440, the plain in front of Anghiari was the scene of a famous battle, passed to history precisely as the battle of Anghiari between the Florentine army, ally of the Holy See and commanded by Giovanni Paolo Orsini, and that of the Duke of Milan, led by Niccolò Piccinino. The battle lasted one day and was won by the Florentines, who thus consolidated their dominions in Tuscany.

As a sign of exultation for the victory, it was decided to perpetuate the memory with a Palio, run by men on foot from the place where the battle took place. In 1503 the Lordship of Florence, headed by the gonfalonier Pier Soderini, turned to Leonardo da Vinci to depict a wall painting depicting the battle in the Sala del Consiglio of Palazzo Vecchio.

Unfortunately, the innovative drying process tested by Leonardo destroyed much of the work. Of the latter are some drawings of the Master and some copies (performed by painters of the time) of the central part, or the fight for the banner, one of the best known is that of Rubens today at the Louvre Museum.


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